Cutting and edge bending

In our list of services, we can offer a wide range of chipboards, working boards, wall coverings, medium density fibre boards, OSB boards, plywood and lesomals. With aim to additionally improve our services and list of offers, we inform you that our company has its own facility for cutting and edge bending of chipboard.

Optimisation of cutting plans

In order to provide maximum utilisation of materials, based on the dimensions for cutting of wood, first it is necessary to do optimisation of our cutting plans. Thanks to a special software we get the best possible solution for maximum utilisation of boards, and minimum of waste. This service of optimisation is free of charge for every customer.

Cutting in accordance with optimised cutting plan

On the basis of optimised cutting plan of a certain material, the most up-to-date CNC machine is cutting the chosen material. Cutting quality meets the highest requirements for further processing of cut material. Machine can cut boards of any thickness and materials. Chipboard, OSB board, working board, wall coverings, medium density fibre boards, plywood boards etc.

Kantiranje trake

In order to make the final gluing of the tape to the pieces of the highest quality, we work on the most modern machines. Edging is done in the following thicknesses: 0.5 1, 2, 4 mm.


As a leading company in this field, our company is dedicated to high-quality and fast service to satisfy wishes and needs of all our current and future clients and partners. We provide creative and efficient services. All you need is to make a choice, and we take care about finishing your order.

Why choosing us?

Isowood d.o.o. is a company that deals exclusively with final wood processing. In accordance with this, our company offers a wide range of products. Our offer includes the following: kitchen worktops, wall coverings, finishers for kitchen worktops, hinges, handles, washing sinks, taps, refined chipboard.


In our business we always make sure to understand the needs of our client, and meet their request and exceed their expectations. We make all this by a constant quality improvement of our products, professional development of our employees, strengthening of partner relationship with renowned producers. Long-term experience is guarantee of quality and professionalism.

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